Sunday, May 01, 2005

Seu Jorge

Seu Jorge - "Starman"

I don't know about you guys, but the thing I'm looking forward to most next week is the Criterion release of Wes Anderson's latest masterpiece, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. The DVD's scheduled release is May 10th and it will be available in two different formats: a single-disc version and then one with a second bonus disc that should be packed to the gills with special features.

In the film, Seu Jorge (City of God) plays Pelé, one of Steve Zissou's crewmembers. More specifically, he was the one who could be found singing and strumming his guitar to the tune of several David Bowie classics (en Português). His Brazilian reinterpretations were a wonderful touch to the film. And this track is probably my favorite of the bunch. I don't see how anyone could NOT feel good while listening to it. There are a few more on the rest of the film's soundtrack, so if you like this one you should really check out the rest. Besides Jorge, there's plenty more to enjoy: an array of vintage british punk, some Iggy, some actual David Bowie and, as in several of Wes Anderson's previous works, you'll also get a smothering of Mark Mothersbaugh's casio-inflected compositions. I'm sure you all remember that unbelievably catchy and equally berserk "Ping Island" piece that Team Zissou pipes in through those special rabbit ears they installed on their helmets. But if you ask me, Seu Jorge completely stole the show. I never even liked David Bowie.


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