Thursday, April 07, 2005

Leslie Feist

Feist - "One Evening"

I've long sung the praises of Leslie Feist here at this site. Strange that it's taken practically a year since Let It Die came out for it to start to building up steam now. It's been sitting there, happily waiting in the wings, poised for the kill. I've only just begun to hear people rave about this gorgeous album on other mp3 & music blogs. It really does baffle me that it's taken this long.
In terms of the last year or so, Let It Die may very well be the record that's gotten the most play in our household. It's one of those albums that is so good from beginning to end that each time you give it a spin, a new song on it becomes your favorite. And every song on there has it's turn in that spot, at one point or another...and then again later. That's one of the true marks of a superb album. And, in fact, this svelt tune was the one to capture my attention the most the last time it was played.
At the end of 2004 I posted this list of my favorite albums of the year. In retrospect, Feist probably deserved to be higher in my rankings. I don't know what I was thinking at the time I put the list together. Her album might've even been worthy of the top spot. Actually, yeah, it is. There. I said it. I've officially revised my original list. Feist was #1 in 2004. Wonder if I can count it in 2005, too...
Anyway, as of this posting, "One Evening" is being offered as a free download at the iTunes Music Store. Get it there, if you prefer it that way.


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