Monday, March 14, 2005

The Lucksmiths

The Lucksmiths are just about as infectious as S.A.R.S. Their happy-go-lucky whimsical pop is just too hard to resist, even to the coldest of hearts. It wasn't long after I was first introduced to them (via the tune, "Guess How Much I Love You") that I was quickly searching out and scooping up everything else they had recorded. I was doing okay for awhile, keeping up with their recorded output. But those crazy kids are so freaking prolific that before I knew it, I'd missed out on their last couple releases. Hey, it's hard to stay in the loop when they're all the way over in Steve Irwin Country. And just as I was getting caught up on all their latest stuff, they've gone and finished another batch of new songs. Twelve new songs, grouped together under the name Warmer Corners, will be released in Australian stores on April 4th courtesy of their long-time label home, Candle Records (Matinee Records and Fortuna Pop for those in the US & UK, respectively).

Here's what the Lucksmiths have to say about their new album:

"So here it is – Warmer Corners; everything we’ve always wanted a Lucksmiths album to sound like and more! As usual, there are lots of guitars, some soothing loopy basslines, and a singing drummer who’s far better than Phil Collins, but this time there’s also a horn section who are having a party, a string section who dig Phil Spector, some fiery organs, a lazy pedal steel, and a whole lot of other things that I can’t recall just now."

Those interested in giving it a listen, go here to hear a few samples. You have to promise to tell me how it sounds afterwards, though, since I can't listen to them myself. See, I'm way too cool for RealAudio.

1. A Hiccup in Your Happiness
2. The Music Next Door
3. Great Lengths
4. Now I'm Even Further Away
5. The Chapter in Your Life Entitled San Francisco
6. Sunlight in a Jar
7. If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now
8. Young and Dumb
9. Putting It Off and Putting It Off
10. I Don't Want to Walk Around Alone No More
11. The Fog of Trujillo
12. Fiction


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