Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Role of Redemption in the Creative Process

"I feel the darkness growing stronger, as you cram light down my throat. How does that work out for you in your quest to be above reproach?"

Here is a very interesting read. It's a transcript of a Calvin Festival of Faith & Music workshop led by the one and only David Bazan. I find myself returning to this article every once and awhile and it's always fresh and invigorating. Essential reading, particularly if you enjoy Bazan's work or if you are simply interested in reading about faith and redemption and their relation to the creative process in music, art, and just life in general.

As I've read this a number of times, I keep noticing things he says that just really resonate with me, really click with my own ideas and help me to clear up some things I've long believed somewhere in the backward recesses of my own mind (and heart?). It's a lengthy article, but well worth the read and I think it contains a lot of truths that many people don't realize or completely think through on their own.

Bazan does a solid job of revealing and explaining some misguided theologies that some Christians hold to - intentionally or not - and shows that they're just totally missing it...the point of what Jesus' sacrifice has done for us, the freedom we have because His success has replaced our failure(s). Another thing he said that really left an impression on me was the concept that everything we do is either worship or it's sin, but that even sometimes our worship can be sin - when it's a complete lie. When that is the case, God is seeing what we're doing and our failure in that aspect, However, it is being covered up by what Jesus has done for us and so He is pleased with us and can pour His love out over us, quenching that need that is inherently within everyone to feel loved, especially by the One whose impression is stamped on us because we were created in His image. Knowing this and being certain of it - that is what faith really is.

So, anyway, I'd really, really urge everyone that's checking in here on my blog to click over there when you have the time to read it and focus on what he's talking about, because it's really valuable wisdom that he's sharing. One thing that I've always admired and been drawn to so much in Bazan's work is his incredibly deep level of honesty. He's so real - no facades here - and very driven intellectually. He's done his thinking and research. Combine that with his experiences and background, and he has an enormous amount of wisdom. So seriously, read it when you have the chance.


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