Thursday, November 18, 2004

LIVE: Sufjan Stevens

Made it down to Detroit last night for Sufjan Stevens at the Magic Stick. Great show.
Awry was the first opener. Never heard of them before, and as it turns out it wasn't a them. It was just a she. And to tell you the truth, I wasn't digging her very much at all. But she likes to sing songs about animals, like horses and brave elephants.
Nicolai Dunger was next and he was pretty cool. Sounds like Van Morrison, 'Astral Weeks'-style. Really good voice. Very soulful.

Sufjan was joined by five other bandmates, members of his 'Michigan Militia' - all decked out in boy scout uniforms, the Michigan state logo on the pocket, bandanas around the necks and hats with American flag patches sewed on the front. Turns out that girl Awry is one of the Militia members.

Anyway, Sufjan and the Michigan Militia rolled through a solid set of stuff culled from Seven Swans, Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lake State, and even the golden oldie 'SuperSexyWoman' off of A Sun Came. He took us on a musical tour across the 50 states and it was simply magnificient. He seemed to really be enjoying himself up there, for his debut performance in the city he was born in. And it was extremely enjoyable to witness that.
One extra special point of interest is that he played one song I haven't heard before, so I'm assuming it's a new one. He mentioned Chicago in it. From interviews and stuff, I know he's been working on Illinois for his next state-themed album so I'm hoping this cut makes the album because it was wicked pissah. For those of you who don't know much about Sufjan, he has vowed to make an album for each of the 50 states over the next 50 years. Quite an endeavor, if you ask me. But I'll be along for the tour with my $15 each time, no questions asked. Stevens is quite simply the most intriguing songwriter around right now. And his live show is one not to be missed.


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