Friday, June 04, 2004

Leslie Feist Goes Soul-o

Just wanted to take a moment to bring Feist to everyone's attention. Leslie Feist, one of many contributing members of the revolving door Canadian rock outfit that is called the Broken Social Scene, has taken an eraser to her first name and just released her second solo album - first that I knew of, though. And let me tell you, it will take you over. She is the three sirens that Homer spoke of, combined into one. She's like the female equivalent of Jeff Buckley, minus some testosterone. So, to those who know me, it should be no surprise that I haven't been able to exit the "Feist" playlist on my iPod since I got my grubby little hands on this gem three days ago.

I'm won't even bother trying to describe the album for you because you simply need to hear it for yourself. The folks over at Arts & Crafts know this. They're not dummies. That's why they've made the songs available for streaming download on Feist's official website. Once you hear them, though, be forewarned. You'll want to listen to Feist at work. You'll want to listen to Feist in your car. You'll want to listen to Feist at the dinner table. You'll want to listen to Feist in bed. All day Feist, everywhere Feist. So you better just go buy the CD or else the only place you'll be able to experience this bewitching album will be in front of your dumb computer. And that's just plain troubling.

Let It Die has only been released in Canada and the UK so far - that's the bad part. The good part is that, nonetheless, you can still get it for only 10 bucks, which is measley, especially for an import. Just go to the Arts & Crafts store. You can thank me next time you see me.


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