Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Live: Do Make Say Think

I saw Do Make Say Think this past Saturday. It was freaking a-m-a-z-i-n-g. My ears are still ringing and I can't listen to anything other than DMST ever since then. Detroit was their last show of the tour in the States. So unfortunately, I can't give everybody out there a heads up to go see this amazing act. It's most likely already passed you by - unless you live near Toronto! They are playing there tonight and everyone that was at the Magic Stick on Saturday was invited to see them again. If you ever hear that they're coming around by you in the future, though, you seriously SERIOUSLY gotta go and bear witness for yourself. It was quite an experience.
In between sets, from the bar in the back of the club, I got to watch the Red Sox take Game 2 of the Series, as well. It was all so splendid.
I posted a couple more pictures from the show over on the Afterburners blog, so check those out. They're small, but I'll make it so you can click on them and see the larger versions real soon. I didn't have a good spot for taking pictures for most of the show, but at the end I got up close and was able to snap a few decent ones. You seriously have to be right against the stage to get anything good when it comes to taking photos at club shows.


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