Saturday, March 26, 2005

Squeak E. Clean & Karen O.

Karen O & Squeak E Clean - "Hello Tomorrow"

I'm obsessed with this new Adidas commercial. The first time I saw it on TV, I was instantly reminded of...

...'Being John Malkovich', first of all, because of all the going down dark holes and stuff. I loved that whole Alice In Wonderland-type of thing that was going on in 'B.J.M.' - shwoop!, right down the rabbit hole ear canal! And so, of course, I'm inclined to love it here in this commercial, too. I also thought of...

...'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind', due to the way a spotlight is used to create the sense that what's going on is not in the waking world, but in the mind. I imagine this is quite similar to how things look in my dreams while I'm dreaming them, but I can't say so with much certainty. Most of my dreams are not something I can remember with a high degree of vividness. When I do remember them, it's just the storyline and not so much the details of my surroundings. That's one reason I like the use of black and darkness surrounding the action.

So I thought to myself, "Could it be possible that either Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry - the directors for the 2 films above, respectively - were responsible for creating this gem of a commercial?"
A little research helped me to figure out that the video was, in fact, helmed by Spike. Sweetness. Anyway, It's a really cool spot and the song that's used suits it perfectly, too. It reminds me of something that one of those things that hangs over the crib would play to lull a little baby to sleep. Took me a bit of searching to figure out who it was. Initially, I thought it was the Concretes. They did just have a song featured in a Target commercial, after all. But I was wrong. The track was actually composed by Spike's brother, Sam Spiegel, under the pseudonym of Squeak E. Clean, with Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontgirl Karen O. on vocals. Thank you, Boardsmag, for helping me solve that minor mystery and for posting the commercial to the 'net.


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