Friday, June 10, 2005


Caribou - "Barnowl"

Last night, Caribou played the Magic Stick, with Junior Boys in the supporting slot. The Russian Futurists were supposed to be there, as well, but they were detained at the Canadian border for stupid paperwork reasons. Makes a lot of sense, seeing as how they had already been let in weeks ago and have been touring away through the States prior to crossing back into Canada for a short leg of the tour. Anyway, the fact that the RF's weren't there makes it a little easier for me to digest missing this show. I saw Caribou with Four Tet and Prefuse 73 two years ago, way back when Dan Snaith was still using his Manitoba moniker. It was unreal. Two sets of drums, bear masks, the hilarious video for "Jacknuggeted" playing in the background. His live performances of material off of Up in Flames simply blew me away and stole the show. That's why I would have liked to see him again last night to see what kind of cards he's playing nowadays. However, I had more important things knocking at my door, so it was a no-go from the outset. Any Detroiters out there go to the show? If so, I'd like to hear how it was. Pictures would be a double-bonus.

Anyhow, the track above is taken from Caribou's latest: The Milk of Human Kindness. It's worth the buy. For real, though.


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