Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mitch Hedberg, Potential Lunch Winner

I got a business card...cause I wanna win some lunches.

So, stand-up comedian extraordinaire Mitch Hedberg is in the middle of a tour right now, and this time he's finally stopping in Detroit to do his 45 minutes - that's a sitcom AND A HALF, people - of comedy.
I am intrigued.
Price of admission is a little steep (roughly $35 with those lovely Ticketmaster service charges), but it may be one of those instances when I just say "screw it, I can't miss it". I mean, I could use a hearty laugh right about now. We all could, am I right?

There aren't many dates left, but look below and see if Mitch will be coming through and staying at a hotel in your city where there are two trees involved. How about Tree? No. Doubletree - HELL YEAH!
As you can see, the Detroit date is next Friday (Feb.11). Anybody else who's interested in going to that with us, let me know for sure if you want to go before this weekend is up, so when I order our tickets I know how many to get - so our seats can be together.

mitch only
2/3 st louis, mo (the pageant)
2/4 west des moines, ia (val air ballroom)
2/5 kansas city, mo (uptown theatre)

mitch & stephen lynch
2/10 kalamazoo, mi (kalamazoo state theatre)
2/11 detroit, mi (state theatre)
2/12 lakewood, oh (lakewood civic auditorium)