Monday, June 26, 2006


charlotte, north carolina's experimental eight-piece pyramid have had their music featured in two david gordon green films, all the real girls and undertow. soon they can add the foot fist way - directed by dgg pal jody hill and starring danny mcbride (bust-ass from all the real girls) - to their list of soundtrack credits. the film was well-received at the 2006 sundance film festival, earning itself international distribution rights and possibly domestic rights in the near future.

film threat has this to say about the foot fist way:
"mix some bad santa, with a splash of napoleon dynamite and shake it up with a whole lot of whoop ass and you've got one of the funniest martial arts movies since they call me bruce?"

i'm curious to hear how pyramid's songs fit in with the comedic tone of the foot fist way, seeing as how the films in which their music has been featured previously were much more serious and introspective and had much more in common with their songs. it'll be interested to say the least.

a smattering of names that have been dropped in various reviews: jeff tweedy, sonic youth, jim o'rourke, john zorn, nick cave, a silver mt. zion, slint, sparklehorse, bright eyes, sixteen horsepower, tom waits, will oldham, should get the point by now.

though they've been together for roughly five years, the first american is the band's first album. definitely check this band out.

MP3: "monster in the canyon"
MP3: "umbrellas"
MP3: "the engineer"
from the album: the first american
release date: summer 2005
label: n/a
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