Friday, May 26, 2006


i've noticed the dividing island by lansing-dreiden has been receiving a somewhat steady stream of praise from other blogs around the net. and that sort of surprises me. i never would've predicted this as something that would end up being embraced by the mp3 blogosphere as a whole, what with them being so busy and all with their sufjan stevens, bloc party, gnarls barkley, and tapes n' tapes infatuations. sure, the dividing island boasts some pretty accessible songs (like the fantastic "a line you can cross" available below), but in the whole scope of things, i just figured lansing-dreiden were a bit too skewed and all over the board for most people's taste.
anyway, this was one of the releases that i was looking forward to most in 2006, after finding plenty to love on their previous efforts, the incomplete triangle and a sectioned beam (ep). i may have built up my expectations too much, as i was sort of underwhelmed when i finally got to hear the album, even though there are a few very promising tracks. but maybe after that initial disappointment wears off, i'll find myself gravitating towards it again and finding more to like about the album as a whole. so i will try to keep that attitude and enjoy it for what it is. i'm just glad to see them finally getting a little more recognition.

MP3: "a line you can cross"
MP3: "one for all"
MP3: "two extremes"
from the album: the dividing island
release date: 05/09/06
label: kemado
myspace: add as friend

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