Wednesday, April 26, 2006

j. tillman

i've been a strong supporter of j. tillman since day one. okay, well, maybe it wasn't day one but i did fall for his gentle, comforting brand of acoustic balladry nearly two years ago when i saw damien jurado, richard buckner and dolorean at the magic stick in detroit. sometime about mid-set, jurado gave up the stage for his drummer (that would be tillman) to get out from behind the kit, pick up the guitar and share a few of his own songs. it was simply breathtaking.
after just releasing a limited edition (and now out-of-print) pressing of his second full-length solo album, long may you run, j.tillman in january, he's already making rapid progress on the follow-up to that album, entitled minor works. so why would i start to ease up now? especially since tillman's been sending out bulletins to all his myspace'friends' (including me) saying that he was posting tracks from his new work-in-progress. so i'm passing things on here...for my two friends who don't have a myspace account.
oh, and is it just me or is j. tillman the new darling of mp3 blogs in 2006? i mean, even jesus loves j. tillman.

MP3: "darling night"
MP3: "jesse's not a sleeper"
MP3: "crooked roof"
MP3: "with wolves"
from the album: minor works
release date: (still in the works)
label: keep recordings


Anonymous kackalackaakaleb said...

Tillman = Jesus.


Tillman > Jesus.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hot damn j. tillman is the bomb.
the people of earth should rejoice.

6:52 PM  

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