Monday, April 24, 2006

mole harness

a few weeks ago, the always dependable, tastemaking aaron coleman (a.k.a. almost cool) wrote up a review of the new mole harness album, a present from the future. having no previous exposure to mole harness myself, aaron's words would be crucial in my decision to explore mole harness any further or just cast it aside: "uk artist james brewster creates rippling electro-acoustic music that mixes delicate and melodic guitar work with subtle processing in a way that manages to sound original in a world overpopulated with ambient music. it's as if tim hecker has suddenly lightened his mood a bit and teamed up with the instrumental guitar work of jose gonzalez." with a description like that, i was easily swayed and decided to do some digging on my own. as usual, the first thing to do is to visit the artist's official website. so i did. shortly thereafter, i discovered one of brewster's favorite artists is christian fennesz. stop, i've heard enough. that's enough for me to check out the tunes. isn't it for you, too?

MP3: "in a strange sea"
MP3: "parapet and slipway"
from the album: a present from the future
release date: january 2006
label: stray dog army
BUY CD ($14.63 USD)


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