Wednesday, February 01, 2006

j. tillman

alright, kids. listen up.
these two songs come from the long awaited sophomore effort from seattle-bred j.tillman, damien jurado's frequent touring companion and the former drummer of saxon shore. long may you run, j.tillman was just released on monday, january 30th by keep recordings and is chock full of beautifully hushed, acoustic ballads - some even peppered with banjo. tillman's songs are sparse and gentle, but his voice gives them an almost haunting quality. this album is not to be missed, but surely will be by many (only 150 in existence). so treasure it.

also, if you happen to live in the seattle area or you like to do that internet streaming thingy, then make sure to tune in to KEXP this saturday (feb.4th) when j.tillman will be performing live in the studio. he was also recently interviewed by the burgeoning indie interviews. it was supposed to be posted in early january, but i can't find it anywhere on their page. hmmm. guess i'll cut them a little slack, though, since they did put i will return in the #6 slot of their list of the best albums of 2005 - wait, wasn't it released in '04?
my, my.

MP3: "my waking days"
MP3: "seven states across"
from the album: long may you run
release date: 01/31/06
label: keep recordings
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Blogger Casey Dorrell said...

Love your site, but something bothers me every time I'm here . . . is there such thing as a non-live concert?

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