Monday, January 16, 2006

brian mcbride

anybody that likes the stars of the lid or the films of david gordon green should love this brian mcbride 2005 solo album, when the detail lost its freedom.

mcbride is one half of stars of the lid - adam wiltzie's solo work as the dead texan is amazing, too - and this album is gorgeous. mike linnen does a lot of the guitar work, and you can see at mcbride's kranky page, that linnen has worked on music for several of david gordon green's movies, which are all astounding: george washington, all the real girls, and undertow.

really beautiful stuff.

MP3: "a gathering to lead me when i'm gone"
MP3: "our last moment in song"
from the album: when the detail lost its freedom
release date: 10/31/05
label: kranky


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Anonymous Aaron said...

ah, nice. i didn't know he'd worked on the david gordon green movies. I love his films too.

6:48 PM  

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