Sunday, January 29, 2006

ester drang

i posted about ester drang back in november of last year when word of their third album, rocinate first began spilling off tongues, just as a faint whisper. some of you that have been with me for awhile may remember that post and may still have the song of theirs which i shared. not long after i posted "come back alive", i was emailed a link from a kind soul to mp3s of the rest of the album's songs. so i've been listening to it for a couple months now. but for most people, this week was the first opportunity to finally listen to rocinate in its entirety, as it was released by jade tree on january 24th.

many bands fail to grow musically because they find a sound that feels good to them and then they just start churning out music in that same mold for each subsequent album, never stepping outside their comfort zone. on rocinate, though, ester drang have taken another decent-sized step away from the bounds of their comfort zone. they've managed to successfully add a few new elements and dimensions to their repertoire without straying to far from the sound that won over many fans like myself.

so, once more, i'll post "come back alive", the first cut off the new record.
also, here are two more songs that i feel really illustrate the growth ester drang have made:

MP3: "come back alive"
MP3: "smoke and air"
MP3: "caledonia"
from the album: rocinate
release date: 01/24/06
label: jade tree


Blogger Eric said...

Nice. Nice. Nice. I'm gonna pick up this album tomorrow. Expect a post soon!

7:52 PM  
Anonymous : k said...

Today: Long May You Run

Seriously, folks & friends - obtain this.

Looks like a limited batch of 150.


My Waking Days

: sctas :

11:48 AM  

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