Tuesday, April 11, 2006

keith fullerton whitman

here we have three 1-minute excerpts from keith fullerton whitman's brand new ep, lisbon. i am forced to only post excerpts rather than complete tracks for one main reason: the entire ep is actually just one, single 41-minute track - a live recording of kfw's october 4th, 2005 performance at lisbon, portugal's galeria zé dos bois (pictured here). as such, i cannot post a complete track or else i would be giving you the entire recording for free. and we all know nothing's free these days. right?
anyway, these excerpts don't come anywhere close to capturing the magic of keith fullerton whitman's performance in lisbon, but they are only intended to give you a small taste of it. this is something that must be listened to in its entirety and all at once. i beg you to.

"this recording...is in my mind the perfect encapsulation of all of these elements into a single lilting piece of static sine-tone harmonics, squared-off electric guitar haze, clangorous room-tone eruptions, and high-end synth freakouts."
- keith fullerton whitman

"at times the performances are somber and gentle, progressing along with a slow grace and subtle nuances, and there are other moments when Whitman destroys that vibe with tension and dissonance."
- neptune records

i don't think i could have said it any better myself - highly recommended!

MP3: "excerpt 1: 8:00-9:00"
MP3: "excerpt 2: 23:30-24:30"
MP3: "excerpt 3: 33:30-34:30"
from the album: lisbon (ep)
release date: 04/04/06
label: kranky
BUY CD (only $9.99)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Eric said...

Mr Mikejonze, thanks for the kind comments over on my site. MY daughter seems to be doing much better. As for KFW, he is the bomb. I don't understand why more people are just totally thrilled by drone/noise stuff. Head music for sure.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous mike jones said...

thanks. i am also puzzled by the number of people that have not yet fallen in love with experimental/ambient electronic music. it's been steadily taking over my listening time more and more. i'd say it's almost a level playing field now between that kind of music and indie rock. i would even say that most of the time, it's more satisfying to me to listen to the moody, atmospheric soundscapes of artists like kfw, greg davis, fennesz, tim hecker, jan jelinek, ekkehard ehlers, tape, rf, pan american, colleen, etc.
so it's good to see other people appreciating it, as well.
as always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment!

9:20 AM  

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