Wednesday, April 26, 2006


if you have never heard of leslie feist, obviously have not spent much time perusing mp3 blogs during the last two years. but let's just move forward here. a good start would be to make a bee-line down to the record store to pick up let it die (or just follow that nifty link to purchase it *cheap* at insound).
once you do that, allow yourself to have some time alone with it (after you hear it, you'll be sharing it with everyone and long for that alone time you once had but took for granted). it won't take long for that velvet voice to settle in and make itself comfortable in your life. but don't rush back here just yet. give her some time to mingle around. let's say a year or two. then and only then can you return to this here blog and grab these tracks from her new remix and collaboration buffet, open season. yeah, yeah, yeah. i know. the mp3's i'm posting now will no longer be up in two years, but just shut up - i'm dead serious about this! if this is your first exposure to miss feist, then i am just not permitting you to download these tunes. sometimes you just have to lay the smack down, you know? i better not catch you. dead serious.
as for the rest of you..enjoy these two faves of mine from this somewhat hit-or-miss collection.

MP3: "inside and out (apostle of hustle unmix)"
MP3: "mushaboom (postal service mix)"
from the album: open season (remixes and collabs)
release date: 04/25/06
label: arts & crafts


Anonymous Thompson said...

I've been onto Feist for at least 2 years now and I'm ready for this, thanks. Gittin' it now!

12:32 AM  

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