Sunday, June 25, 2006


"balún are three kids from the caribbean island of puerto rico. they are named angélica, josé and andrés. they like to make dreamy electro-acoustic melodies for imaginary films. they play several electronic and acoustic instruments such as melodica, violin, guitar and accordion. their music is inspired by little people called "balunes" that only appear at night."

here are 6 steps to beginning a wonderful love life with balún:

1. before meeting, do some research and get to know who you're dealing with. read this interview with balún over at motel de moka.

2. become myspace friends with them and ask them out for a nice evening. maybe a stop in a cutesy art gallery followed by an ice cream cone.

3. cheap date idea: get to know them better by heading over to the observatory to download their entire while sleeping e.p. (for free). end the evening with a long hug and a soft kiss on the cheek.

4. time to step it up and really turn on the charm. get dressed up and take them to a fancy restaurant. i highly recommend an e.p. collection, which compiles all three of balún's e.p.'s into one 19-song cd, for only *10 bucks*!

5. think about the possibility of a future together. there's a brand new full-length, something comes our way, coming out this month on brilliante records. maybe buy them some roses and jewelry to celebrate the occasion. it may be time to commit.

6. seal the deal. stay the night and on sunday morning, snuggle under the sheets with them and don't get out of bed until noon while listening to these whimsical tunes:

MP3: "la bicicleta de cristal"
MP3: "senecio"
MP3: "hay una piscina en la nube"
from the album: an e.p. collection
release date: 2006
label: brilliante
myspace: add as friend


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