Saturday, January 01, 2005

my favorite 50 albums of 2004

well, finally, it's the end of the year - the time for everyone to compile their lists of their favorite albums from the past 12 months. so here are my 50 favorite albums of 2004, short and sweet. click on the artist to go to their website, click on the album to check it out at insound and maybe purchase it.

1. feist: let it die

2. the arcade fire: funeral

3. midlake: bamnan & slivercork

4. sufjan stevens: seven swans

5. adem: homesongs

6. the dead texan: the dead texan

7. fennesz: venice

8. the walkmen: bows & arrows

9. iron & wine: our endless numbered days

10. dolorean: violence in the snowy fields

11. brian wilson: smile

12. stars: set yourself on fire

13. interpol: antics

14. the go! team: thunder, lightning, strike

15. black moth super rainbow: start a people

16. air: talkie walkie

17. pan american: quiet city

18. annie: anniemal

19. devendra banhart: rejoicing in the hands

20. khonnor: handwriting

21. phoenix: alphabetical

22. kings of convenience: riot on an empty street

23. the album leaf: in a safe place

24. wilco: a ghost is born

25. rilo kiley: more adventurous

26. havergal: elettricita

27. namelessnumberheadman: your voice repeating

28. modest mouse: good news for people who love bad news

29. camera obscura: underachievers please try harder

30. tim hecker: mirages

31. the good life: album of the year

32. n. lannon: chemical friends

33. j. tillman: i will return

34. joanna newsom: milk-eyed mender

35. auburn lull: cast from the platform

36. beta band: heroes to zeros

37. pedro the lion: achilles heel

38. john vanderslice: cellar door

39. unbunny: snow tires

40. ratatat: ratatat

41. junior boys: last exit

42. matt pond pa: emblems

43. morrissey: you are the quarry

44. the killers: hot fuss

45. styrofoam: nothing's lost

46. the autumns: the autumns

47. julian fane: special forces

48. dios: dios

49. dykehouse: midrange

50. philip jeck: 7