Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Oh, Shit! The Beta Band Call It A Day!

This friggin' sucks! On Monday, the Beta Band posted news that they've decided to punch out. What the heck for!?! Well, here's their explanation:

"Sadly, eight years of hard work and critical acclaim but little return in terms of commercial success inevitably takes its toll and a group decision was made to finally lay the band to rest."

Right after they release a stellar new album, Heroes to Zeros, that is received well by almost everyone? Doesn't make any sense! I don't know what enormous level of success they were going after. I'd say they were pretty successful. Maybe they just had a bad record contract and weren't seein' any of the money. Or maybe they got sick of splitting it four ways. Anyway, the decision to end it was mutual and friendly. No hard feelings. They will be bidding everyone adieu with a farewell tour throughout the UK this fall. Yeah, like there's a chance in hell that I'll make it out to one of those shows. I drove three and half hours to Washington DC once to see them open for Radiohead, and God unleashed the seven plagues on us to ensure that it didn't happen. It was one of the most excrutiating days of my life. No way am I spending $800 or more on a plane ticket to London, a concert ticket, plus travelling expenses just to see that happen again. I just have to accept that I missed out on what was probably an amazing live performance.

Anyway, I'm not going to get too sad. I got dumped, but that doesnt' mean I'm not still in love with them. And it doesn't mean I'm going to quit stalking them. Steve Mason is now putting the finishing touches on King Biscuit Time's first full-length effort. If you've ever heard King Biscuit's New Style EP, you know that this release should soften the blow of the Beta Band's breakup quite a bit. In addition, Mason and Richard Greentree, another member of the group, are both working on their own respective solo albums. So there's still a lot in store for us from these guys.

The other two members of the Beta Band, John Maclean and Robin Jones, will both continue working in film and music. No specifics have been given.