Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the legends

artist: the legends

song: "he knows the sun"
from the album: public radio
release date: 09/14/05

song: "make it all right"
from the albums: up against the legends
release date: 10/05/04 BUY IT!

labels: labrador/lakeshore


Anonymous the collide said...

this guy was an extra in the Big Lebowski.

.. .or Dances with Wolves.

12:55 PM  
Blogger mikejones said...

yeah, i think so, too.
vas he one of ze nihilists?

1:24 PM  
Anonymous dkbvjva was the word I typed said...

he actually looks a tad like Clark B. from ze Faint, circa Danse Macabre, with prep / tennis style and sun-in swing hair.


2:24 PM  

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