Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Russian Futurists

The Russian Futurists - "Paul Simon"
The Russian Futurists - "Our Pen's Out of Ink"
The Russian Futurists - "Still Life"
The Russian Futurists - "Hurtin 4 Certain"

Lots of pounding beats, banging keyboards, blasting horns, and incredibly endearing vocals. Loads of fun, in other words.
So much has been said already about the Russian Futurists and these songs have been spread around on countless other mp3 blogs, like, months ago. But I couldn't just let it all go by without giving it some mention here. I just enjoy Matthew Hart's music way too much to not post a sampling of some of his tunes. Hopefully, these songs here will find some ears that haven't already heard them. In that event, I can rest easy that someone's week was just made a little shinier.
All four songs above are off of Hart's latest album, Our Thickness. It was released by Upper Class recordings, a great little label out of Toronto who represent another highly enjoyable band, as well: The Cansecos. Follow both of the links I've included in this post. There are more mp3 samples to be had from the Russian Futurists' previous 2 albums. I'd really just recommend buying both Our Thickness and Let's Get Ready to Crumble, though. It's well worth your money.
Trust me, dude. I know from experience.


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