Saturday, July 16, 2005


Sanso-Xtro - "The Last Leaf"
Sanso-Xtro - "Unsentimental"
Sanso-Xtro - "Blue Signal"
Sanso-Xtro - "Misplaced Feather"

Here are four songs from Melissa Agate, who goes by the codename Sanso-Xtro. Last year, Type Records released a sensational album by the young wunderkind Khonnor. Sanso-Xtro appears to be their baby this year, quickly scooping her up after receiving a gorgeously packaged 6-song demo from this talented multi-instrumentalist.

Hailing from Australia, Agate came to Type with some experience already under her belt, having previously played drums and guitar for aussie bands Salt and Sin Dog Jellyroll. Venturing out from behind the drumkit and moving to London, she picked up the ukelele, kalimba (an African 'thumb piano'), analog synthesizers, and a small array of other instruments. Add all this together and multiply by a laptop computer and thus is born the digital soup that is Sanso-Xtro's Sentimentalist.


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